Matthew Ready

Designer, maker, artist and Southern California native Matthew Ready has a strong foundation in fine art as a painter and sculptor. After graduating from art school Ready spent the next 15 years creating art, designing furniture and spaces. While employing a diverse range of methods and materials, Ready routinely collaborates with traditional craftsmen, local makers, and indigenous master artisans to assist in the execution of his simple and distinguished design. 

The Ready Objects collection is a thoughtful grouping of objects made in southern California. Throughout the design and development process, each piece is continually refined, honed, reduced to its essential nature, consciously leaving space for the integration of personal style, character and soul of the consumer/collector. Whether braided leather or solid cast bronze, it is with intention and purpose that the hand remains evident in each unique piece. Every object is skillfully crafted from the highest quality carefully selected materials, hardware and processes. Ready makes heirloom-worthy products that are here to last—objects that take on a life of their own, with the thought that you can wear them for a lifetime and pass them down to someone deserving when you are through.

Ready has created an offering of timeless artifacts with a nod to, and respect for, indigenous heritage, cultures and people, that reminds us and keeps us connected to an enduring simplicity, tradition and deep appreciation of authenticity and life abound.